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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dennis Donahue & CreatiVenture Law Ranked in TOP 1% in the Nation for Patents


St. Louis’ CreatiVenture Law Ranked Among Top 1% in the Nation for Patents

(February 2019) St. Louis based attorney Dennis Donahue and CreatiVenture Law are now ranked among the top 1% of firms in the U.S for successful patent prosecution, according to the upcoming 2019 Patexia Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report.

Analysts at Patexia, an independent research and resource firm for the IP law industry, looked at a broad range of criteria including how many patents are filed, how many are granted, and how efficient the filing attorneys are in getting the job done. Out of nearly 5,000 firms, Dennis Donahue and the Creativenture Law team are among the top 50 in the nation. CreatiVenture Law founder Dennis Donahue says , while he considers it an honor to be counted with the best in the country, “It is most gratifying to know that a truly client centered practice, no matter what the size, really works. That’s what we set out to do a decade ago. And it appears we are on the right track.”

Donahue also contends that listening to clients first is the secret weapon in being efficient when it comes to prosecuting patents . “From day one, we start with a real understanding of the client, not just the technology. We simply do a lot of talking with them.  From that comes solid, meticulous filings which greatly reduce the possibility of fixing problems at endless cost down the road. But if they do happen, we already have a game plan in place to deal with them head on. The same goes for any IP project we take on.”

“It was a huge risk starting a firm during a recession, but we built something great client by client. And we are really proud of that.”

The 2019 edition of the Patexia Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report will officially be available in March, 2019. 

Background: Dennis Donahue began his career as an engineer at a global aerospace company, where he moved into the role of an Intellectual Property manager before moving into private practice at a large law firm.  After becoming a partner and co-chair of that firm’s Intellectual Property department, he decided to start his own firm (originally Dennis Donahue & Associates) in his basement to focus on entrepreneurs and growing businesses, just as the “Great Recession” hit in 2018.   

Since then, the practice has continued to grow, and CreatiVenture Law now represents businesses across a wide variety of sectors in all areas of intellectual property law.. Dennis is an active volunteer and mentor in the entrepreneurial community, and he has been named Best Patent Attorney in St. Louis by St. Louis Small Business Monthly multiple times.  No longer in the basement, Dennis and his team are available for interviews on the journey of this inspirational success story!

Contact: Amy Donahue (314) 995-3977      Adonahue@CVLfirm.com        www.cvlfirm.com


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Well You Must Be Doing Something Right...
     I just received news that, for the second year in a row, Small Business Monthly has awarded me the title of the “Best Patent Attorney in St. Louis”.  It is a real personal honor for a couple of reasons.  First, it comes straight from the hundreds and hundreds of votes from the clients, colleagues, and community organizations I serve each day.   It doesn’t come from a PR department at big firm or just a few people on one magazine editorial staff.   We started CreatiVenture Law when the great recession hit, and so many people were forced out on their own as entrepreneurs.  I took clients whom my former large firm, where I was a partner, would not take because they were not big enough fish.  I believed in them and they believed in me.  I got to be involved with some real success stories, thanks to those little fish.  And it turns out the bigger fish I work with love that approach too.  I hope it is a reflection of who we ARE here at not just the work we do at CVL.
      Second, it means we must be doing something right both with our people and our product.   I suppose we were entrepreneurs when it wasn’t the trending buzz word it is today.  I really like people.  I really like geeking out on their ideas.  Just ask my wife, who has to tell me to “put the laptop down Dennis” and take a break,  when I am especially engrossed in a particular technology or patent I am writing.   I care what happens to their business long after I finish the work. I can’t help myself.  It is more to me than just filing documents by the hour and sending out a bill.  It takes patience.  It takes listening (and yes a little of that geek thing).  It also takes making sure our patents, trademarks, agreements and opinions are as airtight as we can possible make them.  I have seen many clients come in the office with things not done well (at high costs) who need me to help them fix it.   There are no guarantees in IP law, but I like to go to bed knowing I have done the best possible job.  It makes the long hours and extra effort worth it, regardless of a title.  But hey this “Best Patent Attorney” think is pretty great.  So thanks all you for believing in me!
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Best Part Of Being "The Best"!

By Dennis Donahue.

    2016 is off to a great start professionally and personally for me.  St. Louis Small Business Monthly is honoring me in its January edition as one of "The Best Patent Attorneys In St. Louis".   The magazines polls its readers to come up with a short list of attorneys who shine as the "best advisers for business in St. Louis".  Professionally, that means we here at CreatiVenture Law are top notch in the services we provide, right along side other great practitioners in both small and large big-name firms.  But it means even more personally, because it affirms the mission I had when I left  a partnership in big firm to start CreatiVenture Law.  You see, I am a technology geek with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I was a working engineer for a decade.  Then I was the guy who sought out those creative work-arounds and unrecognized inventions from the regular people making airplanes at a major aerospace company.  As an attorney and partner at a big law firm, the geek in me wanted to do more than just rack up billable hours writing patents and other documents.  It was hard to not be able to service the small business owner, inventor, or would-be entrepreneur who might not be able to be that "big account."  So I took the leap, as many of my current clients have done, to start my own business and focus on the entrepreneurs and the people who are becoming the backbone of our economy.  And what a great group they are.  I have some great relationships with my clients, because I really do enjoy the things they bring to me.  I have an eye for things they may not have thought was worth protecting.  I love go to their entrepreneurial events.  I geek out not only on their ideas but on the plans we come up with for smartly turning those things into profit and a better life.  It also such a great feeling to keep away the bad guys who would seek to infringe upon those ideas.  It means a lot to me when the professionals who work with me and my business know me, fight for me, and actually care.  And what a great feeling it is to know I can do that for others!  Mission accomplished.

You can pickup Small Business Monthly at one of the St. Louis Small Business Monthly pickup newstand locations

or go to their website at www.sbmon.com

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meet the new Biz Kids on the block & be one too. --Startup Connection 2015!

By Dennis Donahue

 “When one door closes, another door opens”.   That’s an old saying that rings true now more than ever in St. Louis, as I meet and counsel with people who have started up new businesses in recent years.  Whether they were forced to by our nation’s economic downturn or were just moved at the thought of doing something out of the box, these people are creating their own “open doors”.  I am actually one of them and I’ll never regret taking the leap.  It is really inspiring, daunting, and adventurous all at the same time.  According to the 2015 Kaufmann Index, new business startups are up nationwide, and we want to see St. Louis rise with that trend as well.  So are you one of those entrepreneurs in the making, and do you want to see who is out there and how it’s done?  If the answer is yes, please join me on for the Startup Connection on November 18th at Washington University. It is the largest showcase of startups in St. Louis, and we are a proud sponsor.  There will be great people to talk to and resources to find… even some cool giveaways! These are the types of events that be the breakthough for businesses in the making.  I will be at our CreatiVenture Law exhibit and would love to talk to about how we can help you get things going and keep things growing.  Hope to see you there!


Click this link to get detail and sign up: http://www.startupconnection.org/

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Friday, September 26, 2014

When Is Doing Jello Shots a Great Idea?

     Jello is not something I eat on a regular basis.  But when you turn it into a Jello shot, well that is another story!  And the pursuit of making a great Jello shot is the reason one of the simplest inventions to cross my desk as a patent attorney is also one of my favorites.   The Jellinator is the brainchild of my client Trish Piazza, who found herself frustrated by the mess involved in filling party-perfect shots for a community fund raiser.  So she and her husband put a small valve at the tip of a tube to control the flow.  No one had done it quite that way before.  A problem was solved, and a business was born!  The Jellinator has been successfully selling nationwide online and is now in available stores.  It has also just been nominated for Martha Stewart's "American Made" contest.  (Check out this recent article about it http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutcheck/2014/09/the_jellinator.php)   The Piazzas are a terrific example of regular people who had not just a great idea, but the courage to get that patent and work like crazy to get it out there for people (ah, party goers) like you and me to enjoy.  So great to be a part of that!  Congrats!  www.Jellinator.com

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