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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hat's off to the loners..

I spent today hanging out with a bunch of loners.  Okay, mabye not loners exactly, but definately people I can relate to.  I am attending the Missouri Bar's Solo Firm conference at Tan Tara Resort at Lake of the Ozarks.  It's been a great day of hanging out at our CreatiVenture Law exhibit booth talking to other folks who have that entrpreneurial spirit I always talk about.  We are small business owners with big ideas.  We compare notes and we send business each other's way.  We are "Jack of all trades" without huge staffs to do the small stuf we may have taken for granted a a big firm.  One minute we are writing legal opinions, the next minute we are unjamming the printer or setting up our own trade show booths.   It's alot of work, but I like it that way... I can honestly say to my business clients that I know how they feel.  I can help out other lawyers and clients find each other, because I know them personally.  I wish there were more genuine interactions with people in business and customer service these day.  It would go a long way in this scary economy.  So hats off to all you "loners" out there working to make your dreams happen.   Hang in there.  It's worth it.  You can do it!



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